Blanc et Noir

music for silent movies


This German-based trio - which was originally founded in the autumn of 2015 in connection with the UFA FILM NIGHTS in Brussels - encompasses profound musical experiences for decades concerning the genre of silent movie musical scores, in studio or live situations. demonstrating brilliant Musical 'know- how' by all the members of the Ensemble, and specifically suited chamber music arrangements which also feature collective improvisations.

Therefore, each individually selected classical film gets congenially interpreted with an exciting mix of diverse stylistic musical devices. Using the instruments of piano, drum set, clarinet, cello and surprising electronic and acoustic 'special effects' , this trio creates an extraordinary field of exciting musical tensions whose great sonorous variety and multi-stylistic approach fills the musical gap off-screen between full orchestra and intimate piano accompaniment.

Personnel: Kristoff Becker, cello/electronics

Ekkehard Wölk, piano/arrangements

Andrea Marcelli, drums/clarinet


Das im Herbst 2015 für die UFA Filmnächte in Brüssel gegründete Trio vereint jahrzehntelange Erfahrung im Bereich der Stummfilm-Vertonung mit virtuosen instrumentalem "know-how". Dabei erhält jeder einzelne Film eine aus dem vielseitigen stilistischen Repertoire schöpfenden Untermalung.

Mit Piano, Drum, Klarinette, Cello und Effekten (elektrisch und akustisch) entsteht ein Spannungsbogen, dessen Klangfülle die Lücke zwischen Orchester und Piano-Begleitung schließt.